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Temperature Sender 100-280°F/40-135°C - 280ED-F

Temperature Sender 100-280°F/40-135°C - 280ED-F

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Temperature Sender, P/N 280ED-F

Thread: 1/8” NPT, Hex Size: 5/8”, Temperature: Range: 100-280°F/40-135°C.


P/N: 280ED-F
Type: Temperature Sender
Type Description: Stewart Warner 100-280°F
Scale: #N/A
Diameter, in: #N/A
Bezel/Finish: #N/A
Ohms: #N/A
Volt/Watt/Current: #N/A
Product Family: #N/A
Brand: Stewart-Warner
Notes: *1 = Standard pipe thread is 1/8”. Universal sales kits include adapter for 1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2” pipe thread. Senders are not for use with Gauge Line gauges.
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