Repair Forms

Please ship these forms with your items and make a duplicate so you can keep track of your items. Our shipping address is listed at the bottom left of this page and on the repair forms at the top of each page.

Please email your forms to us if at all possible. You can email them directly to

Automotive Related Compass Displays / Electronics 
Gauges Odometer Statement Credit Card Authorization


Mercury Smart Craft Gauge LCD Replacement $165 w/New Lens $215
Mercury Smart Craft Gauge Lens Replacement $145
DieselView Black/White/Monochrome Display $600
VesselView Color Display $800
Detroit Diesel DDEC or MTU rectangular display with 6 buttons on the right side $1400
Caterpillar 5 Inch Display with 4 Buttons on the right 12 Pin connection on the back $600
Volvo Penta or VDO Tachometer LCD Replacement $285
Volvo Penta or Other LCD 4 Inch Repair $400
Yamaha Display Repair Round Gauges $150 w/Lens $185
Yamaha Display Square Gauges $150
Man MMDS 6.3 Depending on damaged components. $1200-$2400