Lauderdale Speedometer has been in the business in repairing high-end to low-end gauges for 35 years. We have our very own shop in house to work on cars and do work on a variety of different vehicles, from classic to even airboats! We are a ASE Certified partner so when you come to us we always have the answers that you're looking for. Have a pesky check engine light on and have no idea what that light is? Bring your car over we'll do a quick check up on the computer components of your car. We'll pull up the fault codes with in minutes and tell you exactly why that light is on. We'll even give you a printout of the error codes. Have you got a gauge that needs programming, including odometer adjustments? How about hour adjustments? Let us know we have the equipment and experts to program in house as well.

VDO Repairs

Have a broken gauge, instrument cluster, or other VDO items? The tachometer no longer moves or is giving you an inaccurate readings? Temperature/Oil Pressures gauges reading incorrect? (Check your wiring for possible bad grounds first). Before sending in any product to our store for repair. 

From older Vehicles 
Modern ones for example a 2022 Acura MDX, Setting mileage.
2022 Acura MDX Digital Display Instrument Cluster


Mercury Smart Craft Gauge LCD Replacement $165 w/New Lens $215
Mercury Smart Craft Gauge Lens Replacement $145
DieselView Black/White/Monochrome Display $600
VesselView Color Display $800
Detroit Diesel DDEC or MTU rectangular display with 6 buttons on the right side $1400
Caterpillar 5 Inch Display with 4 Buttons on the right 12 Pin connection on the back $600
Volvo Penta or VDO Tachometer LCD Replacement $285
Volvo Penta or Other LCD 4 Inch Repair $400
Yamaha Display Repair Round Gauges $150 w/Lens $185
Yamaha Display Square Gauges $150
Man MMDS 6.3 Depending on damaged components. $1200-$2400