Mercury Smart Craft Gauge LCD Replacement $165 w/New Lens $215
Mercury Smart Craft Gauge Lens Replacement $145
DieselView Black/White/Monochrome Display $600
VesselView Color Display $800
Detroit Diesel DDEC or MTU rectangular display with 6 buttons on the right side $1400
Caterpillar 5 Inch Display with 4 Buttons on the right 12 Pin connection on the back $600
Volvo Penta or VDO Tachometer LCD Replacement $285
Volvo Penta or Other LCD 4 Inch Repair $400
Yamaha Display Repair Round Gauges $150 w/Lens $185
Yamaha Display Square Gauges $150
Man MMDS 6.3 Depending on damaged components. $1200-$2400