Identifying Senders

We typically get a lot of customers calling us and not being able to identify a sender. Commonly senders have a number stamped on the hex nut. This number helps us match your part with a direct replacement for it. These numbers aren't on all senders. Some may have just a stamp of "80" which means 80 PSI. VDO uses identification numbers ##/##. The same applies to Temperature senders, The numbers on a Temperature sender would appear like this 805/1/4 like pictured below. What do you mean by Dual or Single station? Typically this involves having a upper or lower helm, where you have gauges up top or at two places. The sender sends to two stations so it's a dual station. Single means you just have one set of gauges.

Do not use Teflon tape or Piping tape if the sender is self grounding. Why? It will cause a grounding issue with the sender and perhaps give you the wrong readings or an undesired result.

We need the numbers in the RED Square to identify certain type of VDO or other senders in general.

Same here. We have an oil pressure for identify numbers on the side. Sometimes it will say 0-5 BAR or this number in particular in RED as this oil pressure sender shown below.

oil pressure sensor

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