VDO has released their most anticipated engine boxes and new 7″ inch Display.



OceanLink 7″ inch Technical Information
• 1x NMEA 2000® connector
• 2x J1939 and 4x analogue input
• 6x 0-400 ohm analog inputs
• 2x frequency inputs
• 3x 0-5V inputs
• 2x 4-20mA inputs
• 1x RGB video inputs
• Operating temperature range -25 °C / +70 °C
• Optical bonded mineral glass lens
• Front & rear side protection rating IPX9
• Touch screen swipe technology

Back view. Includes two harnesses (one pictured)

End user can store the 3 most important pages to the Favorite Touch button on the left side of the display.  Touch for 3 second or more one of the 3 Favorite Touch button and a pop up message will inform the user that the page is stored.

All units are programmable here in store. You tell us what senders you have or we’ll tell you what you need to setup your entire system to match your vessels configuration. Items relevant to unit setup will be included in the Shop as soon as we have the items in stock. Check in Technical Data to see if we have any information available. This website is updated daily.

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VDO has released their own box now. Called the OceanLink series.  It’s similar to the Actisense EMU-1, but it has a user friendly programmable interface, that the end user can setup.  The TFT displays and distributes a wide array of data received from NMEA 2000® and J1939 CAN Bus systems and analogue sensors directly connected to the display. Users can customize up to 40 different data pages with single, double, triple or quad grid layouts. For more information regarding VDO Oceanlink Series Please visit this link http://www.vdo.com/marine-solutions/oceanlink/ 

Oceanlink Display
Oceanlink Display for Marine usage A2C1352150001

VDO Harness connection


Back of Ocean link TFT Display for Technical Purposes. With included harness on the right.

These pages are still under construction. More information coming soon.

Need your gauges repaired? We repair all sorts of gauges. From the old VDO blue line to the more current models of VDO. Volvo Penta? We got you covered! We repair Hour Meters on your gauges and of course the gauge itself incase of any internal faults. 

We make sure to check all gauges before they leave the store to meet the accuracy our customers are seeking. Ever dent your bezel on your gauge? We’ll take that on as well!

Just take a view of all the gauges we repair here. This is just a small amount of what we actually do this facility. From older to Newer.  So head over to our gauge repair form and send it in! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.  Send us your pictures before sending them in to make sure we can repair your gauges.

Lauderdale Speedometer has been in the marine arena for quite sometime. We specialize in Marine Gauges from popular brands like Faria, Stewart Warner, Murphy, VDO, Graffrig, and other popular brands. We’ve been targeting electronics for Maretron, VDO, Murphy, and Actisense. Ever want to go from Analog to NMEA2000? We got you covered. Give us a call and we’ll sort out your questions.

How do you convert Analog to NMEA2000? We use boxes like the Actisense EMU-1, Pictured below. You can monitor two engines with this unit. Allows for 6 Analog Gauges, 4 Alarms, 2 Aux (misc). We have all the senders for this unit in house as well we can program the unit for those senders, gauges, alarms, and tachometers. For more information to visit their website http://www.actisense.com/product/emu-1/

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