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Here is a compass we received to be reconditioned. We'll show you how the compass arrived and how it left our facility. 
As you can see the card and the compass was in pretty bad shape.

Before  Dirty Card

 Here we cleaned up the card and started the process of refilling the compass. 
Please keep in mind taking out bubbles that are in a compass is a tedious and time consuming process.
Clean card  Filling process Plugging the compass

 Top view After  Side View After  After side 3

Lauderdale Compass has been providing compass repairs, sales and compass service since 1982. Lauderdale Compass services all major compass manufacturers including Ritchie Navigation, C-Plath, Danforth, Sunnto and Plastimo.

Lauderdale Compass has been selling and servicing compasses in South Florida since our inception in 1982. Located in the heart of the marine boating capital of the world we specialize in marine compass repairs and compass compensation. Our technicians have decades of instrument and compass repair experience and have worked on literally thousands of compasses, gauges and marine instrumentation.

Compass zones: Why are they important? In the case that you go through certain zones. If your compass is not calibrated for a selected zone your card on your compass may flip over. The map below will give you an idea of the zones of the World.

We provide quick turnaround times on all of repair services and we warranty what we sell and service.

compassShip us your compass for repair: We offer compass repair and services for customers across the country. Ship us your compass and we will provide an estimate of your repairs. For more information about packaging and shipping your compass or about our pricing contact us at (800) 951-5123. We are glad to help!

Compass Compensation and Adjustment. Lauderdale Compass compensates compasses on all types of vessels ranging from pleasure boats to Sport Fishing boats to ships and USCG Cutters. Compass adjustments are performed on boats utilizing various types of equipment. Upon completion of our compass compensation and adjustment services you will receive a deviation card that shows how much, if any deviation is present.

Compass Adjustments are Mandatory! If you operate a charter service compass adjustments are mandatory for insurance compliance. Depending on the size of vessel, compass adjustments are required every 1 - 2 years. Be sure and check with your provide for exact requirements. In addition if you are navigating certain water-ways or shipping lanes the Port Pilot will require seeing your deviation card.

For top quality compass repairs, service or sales contact Lauderdale Speedometer and Compass at (800) 951-5123 or (954) 522-4885. You will be glad you did!

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