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Identifying Senders

By Lauderdale Speedometer Sales

We typically get a lot of customers calling us and not being able to identify a sender. Commonly senders have a number stamped on the hex nut. This number helps us match your part with a direct replacement for it. These numbers aren’t on all senders. Some may have just a stamp of “80” which means 80 PSI. VDO uses identification numbers ##/##. The same applies to Temperature senders, The numbers on a Temperature sender would appear like this 805/1/4 like pictured below. What do you mean by Dual or Single station? Typically this involves having a upper or lower helm, where you have gauges up top or at two places. The sender sends to two stations so it’s a dual station. Single means you just have one set of gauges.

Do not use Teflon tape or Piping tape. Why? It will cause a grounding issue with the sender and perhaps give you the wrong readings or an undesired result.

400 PSI Pressure Sender with Floating Ground.

Identifying a Pressure Sender using the red square 38/8

1/2" 250Degree Temperature sender with a Floating ground

Identifying a Temperature Sender 805/1/4

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